Some of the most famous art used in public buildings

Art is one of the most beautiful things to view, as it can capture emotions and provoke feelings in all those who view it. Art also creates an exceptional atmosphere when it is used in buildings, and many public places such as casinos in Las Vegas are truly capitalising on this in order to create a truly immersive experience for their guests. Now, you can compare casinos not just for the types of games that they offer or the gambling facilities, but also for the impressiveness of the art that it holds. With some singular show-stopping pieces, to entire galleries, we explore where in Vegas is home to some of the most famous and beautiful art pieces that you can find in the gambling city.

Venetian Resort Hotel Casino

The ceiling inside the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino is truly a masterpiece, reflecting the beauty of works such as the Sistine Chapel and other special Italian features. Themed around Venice and Italy, the ceiling is incredible. Almost every room in the building features small portrait images of angels, and other religious beings, to portray an exceptionally captivating scene. Keeping to the theme, around the Venetian there are also a number of Roman-esque statues that you can enjoy. This theme is kept in the Macau version of the hotel casino, and here you can find an ever-changing sky painting above the canals.

The Bellagio

Artist Dale Chihuly’s most famous artwork is actually hung on the ceiling in the lobby of the Bellagio. Known as Fiori Di Como, Chihuly’s exhibit is a true masterpiece, which does not fail to get mentioned day in and day out. Steve Wynn commissioned him to create a piece in 1998 for the museum, and he has now become an icon and gone on to do many exhibits, shows and museum installations around the world. Chihuly’s famous Bellagio piece is a showpiece of his premier glass artistry, and he is now noted as an artist who redefined modern glass sculpture as a form of fine art. The glass sculpture consists of 2000 hand-blown glass blossoms of which weight about 40,000 pounds. These are then supported by a 10,000 pound steel armature. It was a very impressive, grand public art statement that happen in Las Vegas for a very long time, and no other Chihuly works can be found in Las Vegas.

Aria Fine Art Collection

The ARIA casino Fine Art Collection features a range of works by acclaimed painters, sculptors and installation artists, and as a complimentary part of the casino, this really is an interesting location for some of the world’s most famous art. Some of the artists included in this collection include Maya Lin, Jenny Holzer, Nancy Rubins and many others. The collection features a multitude of styles and media, ranging from sculptures and paintings, and are there to engage visitors of a visual and intellectual scale. Located all around the Aria Campus and inside the casino itself, the art is mesmerising creating a truly different take on entertainment and amenities for its guests.