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Interested in learning and how it relates to culture, community, social media and social justice? This statement articulates the purpose and value of arts education in the balanced curriculum of all students, asserts its place as a core academic subject area, and details how sequential arts learning can be supported by rigorous national standards and assessments.arts to educationarts to education

Several of our faculty members are principal investigators with Project Zero, a landmark research initiative into the arts and education for more than 35 years. Many AIE alumni work in museums as curators and education specialists, while others work for private arts foundations and grantmaking organizations. The level 7 papers in this strand, EDUC711 and EDUC712 assume a more ‘big picture’ of view of education. Conference dates and registration details will be posted on the State Arts Council’s website. I’m entering my 10th year as faculty director of the Arts in Education Program, which is entering its 16th year. Cooperate with other arts education agencies and organizations through partnerships to better meet the arts needs of schools throughout the state.arts to education

The MA prepares students for work in various arts educational contexts and is a suitable foundation for doctoral study. This master’s degree offers placements in cultural, artistic and educational institutions of relevance due to their development of projects that explore alternative strategies in the relation between arts and education. Americans for the Arts Research that makes a case for arts education and its economic, social, and educational value. This is a one credit course that is designed to give the high school student an experience in several fine arts areas. The arts are an essential part of a complete education, no matter if it happens in the home, school, or community. This resource brought to you by the National Guild for Community Arts Education.

Founded in 1960, Americans for the Arts is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts and arts education. You are no longer required to report your district’s Fine Arts assessment results to the Oklahoma State Department of Education. The A+ Schools Program, first established in North Carolina in 1995, has become the most successful arts school reform model in the country. Please note that the Bachelor of Arts (Education) does not qualify you to be a teacher in New Zealand. Provide opportunities for professional artists to work in educational and community contexts. A follow-up analysis, released in February 2008, showed that 16 percent of districts had reduced elementary school class time for music and art – and had done so by an average of 35 percent, or fifty-seven minutes a week. Build support for arts education with educators, public policy makers, and the general public.

The Education papers in the major are organised into two strands — one has a sociological focus, the other a cultural focus. To learn about the status of arts education in K-12 schools in our state and about policies and strategies we support for improving K-12 arts education, please read K-12 Arts Education: Every Student, Every School, Every Year.