7 things you need to know about Global warming

One of the major problems the world is facing today is global warming. As we all know that the earth’s climate is changing rapidly due to global warming. It is so surprising that even now it is not stable and is increasing day by day. We are well aware of its negative effects on our environment as well as health but yet we ignore and continuously causing harm to our planet earth.

Global warming is a phenomenon of increasing the temperature of the whole atmosphere. There are many reasons for global warming and its major cause is greenhouse gases. This increasing atmospheric temperature results in melting of glaciers, health disorders, and many other natural disasters.

Global warming occurs by an increase in the certain level of gases like methane water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, chlorofluorocarbons, etc., which are present in the earth’s atmosphere and is termed as the greenhouse gases and this phenomenon is also called as the greenhouse effect. These greenhouse gases play a vital role in keeping the earth’s atmosphere warm by capturing or blocking the infrared energy from escaping into space. As the greenhouse effect increases, there is an increase in the global warming simultaneously.

According to the statistics, it is recorded that in the last century the average increase in temperature was 0.7°C and raise sea level by 10 cm. The effects of the global warming include an adverse effect on agriculture, droughts, floods, hurricanes, soil erosion, and are the huge indication of dangers to our life.

The main causes of global warming are:

  • Natural causes of global warming are volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, deforestation and increasing effects of greenhouse gases.
  • Non-natural causes (or) manmade causes of global warming are deforestation– cutting of trees and forests to improve the livelihood and air pollution mainly caused by the burning of fuels, emission of fuels from vehicles and industries, releasing of ethanol gas, etc.

7 things you need to know about Global warming

  1. Global warming results in the extinction of several living species including animals, birds, and plants. Apart from humans, cows are also the causes of global warming as they emit more methane than other oil industries.
  2. 2015 is currently named as the hottest year in records as the average temperature over the whole of 2015 was warmer than any other year.
  3. Global warming would persist into the future.

The greenhouse gases stay in the atmosphere for several years and it can be reduced by following certain safety measures.

  1. According to IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – 2007 report, there will be a rise in the sea levels by 8 to24 inches by the end of this century and is mainly due to the global warming.
  2. The Glacier National Park in Montana is melting as the rise in global warming. This park had a hundred and fifty glaciers over a century ago which has been reduced to twenty-seven.
  3. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is unable to be denied.

As per the statistics record, there is more carbon dioxide deposited in the atmosphere today and it is due to the emission of more carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere (and) is faster than the absorbing rates of plants and the oceans.

  1. Global warming is a source for the cause of Acid Rain.

As the earth warms up due to global warming, the water bodies like oceans, seas, rivers also warm up and when these gases mix with water, it produces acid rain.

How to prevent or protect earth from global warming?

  1. Trees play an important role in reducing carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere by the process of photosynthesis, so stop deforestation and plant number of trees.
  2. Introduce the system of recycling and reduce the use of plastics.
  3. Control or balance the rise in greenhouse gases, as they keep the earth’s temperature warm by absorbing infrared radiation and prevent it from escaping into space.
  4. Regular emission tests for vehicles and chimneys of industries, to reduce the amount of carbon and other gases released.
  5. The use of renewable resources or renewable materials like solar cookers and biogas for cooking, use of biofuel, bioplastics, biomass products and other renewable sources, which are produced from natural resources, can be used to prevent air pollution.

There are several small steps and precautions to protect the earth from global warming and to save the nature. Many animals and birds like sparrow have become extinct, so come forward let’s join our hands in protecting our planet earth and other creatures from getting the extent.

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