The length of time of learning violin lesson

Like every learner, the violin students also wish to know the duration of learning violin. The reality is that, speed of learning differs according to the students’ aptitude. However, learning also depends on how frequently you practice. If you want to be a professional violin player, you need to commit hard work for a long time.

Normally, if you practice 4-5 days in a week, a time span can be estimated approximately.

First month   

It is the time for learning basics. You need learn from the parts of the instrument and it’s caring. Your first of learning will emphasis on how to hold the violin and bow, and how to pluck strings.

Second month

During this month the basic skills of playing violin are developed. You will become more relaxed to hold both violin and bow. In this phase you will learn to hold the strings more than handling the open strings.

Three to six months

These segments of learning are very sensational as you will learn to play some simple note that you love.  Slowly and steadily you will change over to use bow for playing your recognized tune instead of only pulling them.

Seven to twelfth

During this time you will be able to play a lot of notes and rhythms and so you will be able to play variety of songs. Using your 4th finger and 2nd fingers you will be capable of playing some of the notes on G-string and E-string, F and C natural based on D & A string. Additionally, you will be growing to use your bowing techniques.

Thirteenth to eighteenth

At this phase of learning you will have finished the initial beginners’ lessons and ready to move to the next series. You will be quite okay with classical, folk, pop and other songs for holiday. Still you might need help to play other songs of your choice. During these months you will be quite adept in flat notes which will allows playing D & A major.  More charming of this phase is to play faster music with good tonal quality.

Nineteenth to twenty-fourth

At this phase, you can indeed diversify the music of your choice. You might begin acquiring fundamental traditional solos to be accomplished with the piano or melody from any of your preferred film or pop singer.

You’ll be adept in playing sharp, natural, and flat as well as the bouncing of bow and playing tune more accurately.

Third year

This is the time when you will feel that you really know how to play your much love instrument. You’ll set every note instantly and become comfy in playing the flat keys. With more and more complex bowing, you will be able to learn double stops.

Fourth Year  

If you have reached to this point, then you are worthy of appreciation. Surely you are enthusiastic to violin. Now it can be said that you are quite good and the time to shift to the third position has come. It’ll open a new platform of playing violin to tune higher and complex notes. The playing with vibrato is no longer harder with you. The more refined sound and greater variety are easy for you to perform.

Fifth year and further

Finally, for every learner to attain perfection there is no limit. Perhaps the sky is the limit. The more you spend time on practice, the better you will be proficient in increasing the skill.

Practice, practice and practice that is the only way to be skilled in playing violin. The progress depends on your dedication. So how far you want to go depends how much you are dedicate.

Always set goal before you start, and reach it with perseverance.